About us

The concept for Excellent BD was born during 2011, after the company’s founder, Meir Shavit, reached a conclusion that a new type of business organization is required – one that will put emphasis on business processes and not only results, one that does more of the actual work and less of talking. We specialize in sales, business development, and marketing for growing businesses

Excellent BD is therefore committed to operating according to the highest standards possible, both in terms of professionalism and in terms of ethics. Our core values are simultaneously projected towards our clients and our own employees.

Excellent BD currently assists a number of companies with regards to their sales, marketing, and business development.  We specialize in a variety of fields that contain a large networking potential, such as information & communication, commercial product, and services. The vast experience we have accumulated over the years are due to the wide range of businesses to whom we rendered services, such as software companies, transportation, catering, advertising and marketing agencies, and more …that we helped to succeed.

Excellent BD currently employs a business development manager, as well as project-oriented consultants and a sales team.

Business Model

Through our business solutions center (a one-stop shop solution center), we will provide you with any business service you might require, with regards to business development, sales and business consulting, such as the establishment of selling arrays or the allocation of a negotiation expert for the mediation of transactions. Our business solutions provided are based on a sales outsourcing model and the pricing is calculated based on the services rendered.

 The Road to Success

Excellent BD utilizes on a daily basis its network of business contacts, “tell-meeting” calls and field agents. Through this network we provide our clients with the following services:

  • market research analyses
  • a proper examination of business opportunities
  • establishment of marketing and sales channels
  • establishment of localized marketing arrays
  • Handling and management of negotiation procedures during business transactions

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