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  • Hot to manage Budget and operating a new business?

    Questions: In February I opened a new business. The new business is located where people are not familiar with it. The marketing process is very difficult and slow. We made a business plan created a situation and we invested everything in equipment and advertising and still we have no profits. I am very worried that the situation will make it difficult for me to continue the business activity?

    Answer: When you open a new business, it is very important to manage a budget because cash flow is limited and there is a feeling that the blanket is always too short. It is very important to do a business / marketing plan that will give you a direction and focus on future marketing investments. The marketing options in the market are many, some of which are very attractive, but most of them are not compatible both in terms of budget and timing and business readiness. Any marketing action should be considered from the economic aspect, system readiness and adaptation to target customers.

  • Starting a business - registering a business?

    Question: I am in the process of opening a virtual store.
    I have experience, understand and know a lot in the field in which I am going to engage. But I do not understand all the bureaucracy procedures. What do you do first?

    Answer: Before you build any virtual store have to examine the market demand and competitors. After all, you plan to make a big investment and it is not right to do so and find that the store is irrelevant or that it has too strong competitors in the market that built up market barriers such as access to the first places on Google. After that do a market research, my recommendation is not to start a business in the initial stage, but rather as an authorized business. Build a professional site and don’t hold back on that.

  • How to encourage creative thinking in an organization?

    Question: I wanted to ask from your experience or what you have seen, what support processes are in place to lead employees at various levels in the organization to discover creativity and share with others (especially managers) with the ideas that they have?

    Answer: I agree that innovation and creative thinking is very important in any business. Everyone points out that they aspire to it in their business but do not really implement it. It is not enough to demand this from employees in personal and group conversations; it should be made part of the organizational culture. In order to implement such an established policy, managers will have to be open to ideas that are not I in team; they will have to know how to give credit to those who brought the idea. The will need to encourage entrepreneurship and creative thinking by sharing decision-making processes that do not directly correlate with the employee’s job definitions. To tell the story Entrepreneurship at every opportunity so that all society will know

  • How to get more customers?

    Answer: This is a question that you always ask and the variety of answers to it as many times as the question has been asked. First to get more customers – people needs to know you – marketing is the key. Every business must spend quite a bit of money on marketing, it is important to check which marketing channels are most effective and customer focused on its characteristics, needs and desires. Collaborations are another way of developing the company’s business. Internet marketing, viral marketing that generates word-of-mouth traffic. The variety of ways is within the limits of creativity and capital that the company is willing to invest

Other Questions

  • How do to correct marketing - branding?

    Question: I opened a flower shop. I made a marketing plan but I haven’t succeeded in banding my business as the best flowers for every action. Do you have an idea how to market it?

    Answer: Branding is a theory in itself. How to market a service or product? First you need to understand the essence of the product and service, what it wants to broadcast (prestige, height of eyes), what value to the customer (market survey must be done to answer this). Brand-level people react emotionally to it. Therefore, you need to examine what kind of emotion you want to create with the help of the branding aids: logo, slogan, stationery, customer service, advertising material, etc. The most important thing to remember is that creating a brand takes time as trust building takes time, Patience.

  • How do you do business development?

  • Customer service issues

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