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who is CodeBlack7

After 20 years in the service of special units and various intelligence organizations, we decided in 2012 to establish Code # Black7 in order to bring the intelligence capabilities of countries and intelligence organizations to the business world.

Because of our capabilities, C # B7 enables decision-makers to make reliable decisions in real time, thereby reducing risks and wasting resources. At the same time, C # B7 intelligence makes it possible to maximize existing profits and utilize sources of information and pieces of information that can lead to business opportunities that were previously unavailable.
Advantage of our method:Code # Black7 manages to combine the cybint and humint worlds with critical information.

Our uniqueness:
We are able to combine two worlds of content: 1. Intelligence 2. Business. We translate business goals and objectives into intelligence language so that our intelligence systems will be able to gather the information we want. This intelligence then undergoes translation and business analysis so that managers can make informed decisions based on the findings.

What did we do?

this project was a complicated on for excellent bd had to build the company structure in all aspects of the business. pricing, personal, building a website and a logo. defining uniqueness, and conveying it in the marketing . we build the sales strategy and implemented it.

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