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For over 7 years, excellent BD has done sales consulting for many companies whether they were in the beginning stages or growing to a medium size business. We have helped companies excel in various sales areas such as: designing sales channels that leverage both direct and indirect paths to market; creating the best sales force structure, allocation and incentive approach; and integrating sales and marketing programs great levels of efficiency.

Building an operational strategy is essential to the success of the business, whether it is ongoing activity, penetration of new markets and expansion operations. Excellent BD will assist you in building a long-term sales strategy based on empirical information collected from the field through our Research stage.

The strategy is based on an understanding of the business and the environment in which it operates, and the process itself includes an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the business, its organizational expansion, its economic strength, and the examination of its objectives. A sales strategy should be realistic and achievable, so it is very important to have full transparency about the condition of the business and market forces.

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The foundation of sales performance is having the right sellers use the right sales methodologies with the right accounts to win deals and load the pipeline with new business.  Excellent BD will customize sales methodologies to the needs of each client

We believe that a strategic consultant must understand a variety of areas. Since a sales strategy he will recommend will consist of economic, marketing, business development, sales and more.

Therefore, it is important that the consultant be knowledgeable in the field of business with experience in business, must be reliable and professional, the program that must be built must be compatible to the client and be able to be supervised and implemented as is.

Excellent BD also believe that a strategic consultant who wants to talk only and not be a full partner in the process and become a “part of company” in order to understand it, its difficulties and abilities, will never be able to do a good job. The areas of expertise that we touch upon when building a Sales infrastructure are

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Control programs – establishing a control system that overlook the whole business process especially the links between other related departments like the marketing and business development department; do the talk to each other, what is the business relations vertical or horizontal, budgets

Performance management – most crucial is the evaluation of the sales team with conclusion on the sales results compared with the goals that were set by the company excellent BD will oversee all aspects of the sale’s department and effectiveness of the management process: The usage of CRM, follow-ups. Quotation process, pre and post-sale, linking innovative compensation, bonuses and commission to sales methodology is an effective way so sellers become extremely motivated to demonstrate the right behaviors that drive sales performance.

Sales culture consulting Building the right sales culture that not only reflects the company’s values, but also encourages the right mindset in the field is critical. We will help our client define the company culture of what to do and not so, how to render service, what to wear, how to act around clients, what are the boundaries of sales etc.

Training – we will help with the training of the new sales agent by accompanying him in meetings, phone conversation, and negotiation tactics. We will build a structured work flow and emphasize the implementation of company sales policy.

Recruiting Enhancing the hiring process by using structured interviewing that centers on key sales skills and knowledge. As evidenced by candidate past performance, current and future state of mind, personality and compatibility to the company culture thus securing sales talent and in the most effective manner.

Related to the market

Cost of acquisition – is the amount of many that a company had to spent in order to get one paying client. This number is most important for the purpose of determining the marketing and sales strategy and how to organize the product portfolio

Characterization of sales pipe-lines while examining cost versus benefit – which are the products that are the most beneficial to sale hard to the market? Is it the product that will sell more of or the product that has the greatest margin? Can we sell products together or we have to apart? How do we link products as complimentary or substitute?

Telemeeting and telemarketing consulting – there is a right way to do telemeeting and telemarketing so as to get the best results. There is a method that Excellent BD developed after countless phone calls across 7 years of working

Pricing and negotiation – the act of negotiations is a theory in itself. For the negotiation to be a success the pricing needs to be in such way that makes the potential client be willing to talk. Setting a price is also a complex process since it affects the whole business structure

clients and customer serviceExcellent BD will build together with the company a work flow that twill insure that both potential  client and the costumer satisfactory. The service is not the job that we are hired to do but the extra that we are willing to do so to get maximum satisfactory from the clients

Perceived value vs real value excellent BD will evaluate the market and the company product and services in order to determine the value that is given by the market. That will determine the pricing. Many times the perceived value doesn’t co inside with the real market value and that affects the sales

Analyze and predict business picks every business has a picks and lows during the year. in order to schedule the strategy to be implemented at the right time. We have to know when they are, what are their effect on the business? What do we do in the low business times?

Potential primary and secondary target audience – identifying who are the company’s prime clients, who are the primary client, secondary, go to market client, most likely to up sales client. Today there is no one client and no one strategy. A company needs to be able to target several clients at the same time with different cost effective strategies

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