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Businesses invest in marketing; customer service and improving of products but all business know that sales are the most important aspect of the business. However it is the most unpredictable too.

Sales, although this is an important part of the business it is the most difficult too because it requires more difficult work whether it is making phones or going out into the field. The cost of the employee is expensive as well as added expenses such as: car, telephone, gas etc. on the other hand sometimes there is no better option to get customers than to meet them face to face and sell.

?Why outsourcing sales agent is a great solution

An excellent salesperson costs a lot of money that business in the developing stage does not have or there is not a full work capacity that makes it worthwhile to hire a full time sales agent.

If a company decides to employ a sales agent it has to be obligated for at least several months with this solution a company can decide to stop working together and there is no fine or compensations.

Hiring a field sales agent will force the company to give him a car which they would have to lease at least for a year- with us they don’t have to.

It is difficult to find a good sales persons and more over it is harder to manage them. Excellent BD will manage and see to it that the sales agents meet their goals

The recruitment process takes time and resources that we save. We will teach and qualify him to do the job. If you are not satisfied we will replace him.

The business model that Excellent BD has built is precisely suited to the needs ALL sectors and sizes of business. It allows for employment flexibility, lean business structure, Business specialization and focus on core expertise by both parties.

Excellent BD was established to help in sales, business development so as to increase our clients profits! By we will work for you under your brand and provide a comprehensive solution in all business needs. Our solution brings more business opportunities, leads and customers.


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