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Managing the sales department is a complex matter. Whether the sales department consists of one sales person or several agents the task of managing it is hard. Sales department management takes a lot energy, time and resources. A growing business that has a limited workforce cannot take on this complex management task and do it efficiently while working on growing the business.

Sales agents are special employees that requires delicate care on one hand and strict rules on the other, this balancing act for a non-experienced manager can turn out to be fetial for the business since the sales department is one of which the business rely on. A good manager can give a lot of latitude to the agent so he can work as he see fit without losing control. The personality of a sales rep is of one that has to be given freedom in his work otherwise he is demoralized and demotivated.

 With this said there must be constant control because agents often dislike order, discipline and procedures. Reports are enemy number one of the agent and he does not like them. Without reporting and managing the sales department will not be effective and will not achieve its goal.

We manage the agents

Excellent BD has extensive experience in managing sales agents, telemarketing and field, and has developed an efficient work method that allows the agent to work in a convenient way without losing the organizational framework that the business owner requires including reports, meeting, goals setting and working hours.

?How does the method work

Excellent BD will provide you with a sales manager for their field agents according to the volume of hours to be determined in advance. It is the responsibility of the manager to manage the agent and be the thread that connects him to the upper management and the marketing department. As part of the work of the outsource sales manager, the following will be carried out:

Management of all recruitment processes of field and phone sales agents

Construction, implementation and supervision of the Company’s sales processes including operation, logistics, collection

Learning the secrets of cold calls – Telemeeting

Accompanying the agents to sales meetings and reviewing his abilities

Managing and approving quotes according to the company policy

Controlling the process of managing and maintaining a client and building clear principles for managing a customer portfolio

Control the process of recruiting a new customer

Build a model of prices, discounts and promotions

Regular meetings with agents in order to define goals and objectives

Meeting and submitting reports to the company on a monthly basis

Creating a connecting thread between the sales department and the marketing department.

Excellent BD This method ensures that there will be optimal results of the agent and efficient management so that sales will not be miss conducted and revenues will go up. each transaction will be closed at best price. Upper Management can control the sales process by using CRM and make decisions in real time.

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Excellent BD has set itself the goal of helping business increase profits. We provide outsourced business development and sales with the objective to deliver the best results, increase revenue while minimizing overhead and providing upper management the peace of mind that will enable them to focus on growth


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