Excellent BD has set itself the goal of helping business increase profits. We provide outsourced sales and  business development services with the objective to deliver the best results, increase revenue while minimizing overhead and providing upper management the peace of mind that will enable them to focus on growth



All actions and decisions are strictly and unequivocally derive from a professional point of view that benefits only the clients business. We are loyal and totally there for any of your business needs

Process driven

Process driven

Every growing business has a firm, structured business process that supports success throughout the organization. This process allows maximum profits with minimum costly mistakes

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Goal oriented

Goal oriented

We strive to meet goals and expectation but not in expanse of the process, the culture and the brand of the business. We set the goals high and we fight for you to achieve them. We are innovative thinking and creative performing

Sales consulting

For over 7 years, excellent BD has done sales consulting for many companies whether they were in the beginning stages or growing to a medium size business. We have helped companies excel in various sales areas including sales plan, telemarketing, hiring, etc

Business development

Excellent BD business services specialize in developing growing businesses. Our uniqueness stems from the method that we have developed and our ability not just to oversee it but actually implement it.

Product feasibility

Excellent BD believes that every product or service must pass the feasibility stage before it is presented to the market. This step can prevent unnecessary waste of money, can reestablish business strategy that are wrong or haven’t been thought about before

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Market expansion

Excellent BD will manage, all needed resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption, in order to meet the requirements of the local destination market. We will provide you with a full service pack that will allow your company to build a successful business in Israel

Sales Field agent

Excellent BD has built a business model that is based on outsourcing sales representatives suitable for growing businesses. This model is based on cooperation between us and our clients, which is expressed by reaching their business goals thru successful sales strategy, active phone calls and driving to meetings under their company name


Excellent BD believes, being a true entrepreneurship is not really a choice because it is who you are. For the most parts of being an entrepreneur the road to success is very hard so if you don’t have a choice at least to it the right way

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