Business Development

Business development is a strategic view of the organization’s goals and implementation of a plan of action that will help reach the next business stage, Whether you are a small business that wants to be a medium or a medium business who wants to be big. As part of the business development, there are a number of basic steps that must be taken in characterizing a long-term goal and defining possible growth engines

Excellent BD business services specialize in developing growing businesses. Our uniqueness stems from the method that we have developed and our ability not just to oversee it but actually implement it. We believe in doing so you don’t have to. We do not just advice but our sales agents come with insights from the field and help our clients to develop their businesses in parallel with the sales we perform. With that the source of all of our suggestions are from the feedback that the market communicates to us. Our Business development services cohabitate with our sales activity and work together to better the results

 Excellent BD will oversee all business development arrays including

  • Building and implementing a strategic plan: Assisting in finding Identifying competitors, Defining strategic customers

  • Analysis of organizational structure and the impact of business development, Organizational adapting to business change

  • Find strategic customers who are not currently in the current customer base of the business

  • Identify new growth engines that exist in the core capabilities of the business and are not exploited

  • Managing business development budgets and brand new branding

  • Attendance at exhibitions / conferences

Excellent BD prides itself on being hand on service provider. With our vast experience and expertise we have the confidence that we can assist our future client as we do our existing ones. The work process is simple, we study the business and its competitors, we then start engaging the market that we identified as being potential clients. After a period of time we bring our clients suggestion on how to improve the business, develop it toward a sustainable future.

Growth engines

The strong win is true in life and it is true in business. Every business is looking to grow into new or existing areas at the expense of competitors. Businesses that are unable to grow will die in the competitive market. Today, the term “local market” takes on a different meaning. It is directly connected to the global market and the effects of the global market are much more significant today than in the past. The global business world is becoming the “local market” and is becoming smaller.

In addition, more and more companies are seen to provide a comprehensive all in one solution to customer needs even if the services are not directly related to core competencies. Therefore, we can find companies that expand the range of their products / services. This means that the strategic thinking of companies will be one of multiple services and product that may or may not be related to each other and the common thread is that the consumer needs it and willing to buy. That’s what we call growth engines.

Growth engines are designed to make money by taking advantage of multiple market opportunities. Regardless of brand marketing, a single product line, a niche market, or the initial services on which we based the business in the first place. The main aspect to be considered is market trends and profit opportunities.

Excellent BD helps our clients find more growth engines “business legs” to stand on so to broaden the financial base of revenue. To ensure greater stability in a competitive market and create many sources of income that will bring the next business stage.

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