Field sales agent

We at Excellent BD have built a business model that is based on outsourcing sales representatives suitable for growing businesses. This model is based on cooperation between us and our clients, which is expressed by reaching their business goals thru successful sales strategy, active phone calls and driving to meetings under their company name. In addition, we build a BD strategy that brings them not only new customers but customers who can upgrade your business to the next level so they you can move from business surviving to business stability.

 Our team has extensive experience in opening doors to various types of companies in a variety of industries. We are experts in building win-win deals and negotiations. We work diligently with every client, never giving up, always thinking positive and striving to meet our objectives. Our team consists of marketing, sales, business development and telemetering experts. We implement a sales process that is guaranteed to work and a business process that will insure longevity.

 Excellent BD is an active “more doing less talking” company which meets given objectivity by being in the field, living your business from inside out and bringing the market outside in. Our field selling agents parallel to their selling efforts will bring substantial and important insight about your products/ service, logistics and customer service, pricing, growth engines, competitors and more.

 It is important for us to be part of your organization, to know you and your products, and to have a sense of belonging. We see you as partners and not as use being your service provider. We take pride in forming personal relationship with our business partners because eventually it is all about people. At the same time, we remain objective as an external factor in order to offer the best options and solutions

 We believe that Proper management process increases the effectiveness of the organization and helps the sales department to do its work, while maximizing its potential. The sales department must be the executive branch of the organizational culture – the values ​​and messages the company wishes to convey to its customers. Field sales agents must transfer the marketing line decided upon by the company in order to be compatible with the marketing strategy. This compatibility creates the brand credibility and customer loyalty and is a critical element in the company’s operations.

 Many people and companies that have never worked with outsourcing are afraid of the idea. How do you know the products will sell? How can you control who works if you are not by our side? Excellent BD, with a reputation of reliability and professionalism at the highest level, we do not abuse the loyalty that is given to us. We conduct periodic reports, joint meetings with clients and have various controls factors that provide peace of mind to our 

.Today customer demands are higher, the competition is greater and if you do not invest in active efforts to find potential clients and not just for them – you may miss out

?What do we actualy do

Telemeeting-  telemarketing Contacting new high quality customers – we will make phone calls to potential client, conducting follow ups. You will be able to do the monitoring with a special CRM we built

Contacting new high quality customers – we will make phone calls to potential client, conducting follow ups. You will be able to do the monitoring with a special CRM we built

Manage existing customers – UP SELL – trying to sell more product and services to them. reaching out to old client that haven been in touch

Go to introduction Meeting / closing meetings

Manage quotes

Managing Negotiation

post sales- Manage customers after the transaction

Building a sales strategy + Manage marketing campaigns

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 Excellent BD has set itself the goal of helping business increase profits. We provide outsourced business development and sales with the objective to deliver the best results, increase revenue while minimizing overhead and providing upper management the peace of mind that will enable them to focus on growth