• strategy meeting


    Building, Consulting, sales, Urban

    Who is AMINUT ASH? AMINUT ASH – deals with the installation of fire extinguishing systems, sprinklers and smoke detectors throughout the country for commercial companies, industry, residential buildings and more […]

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  • business hand

    Oron Production House

    business development, marketing, sales

    Who is Oron Production? Oron Productions House specializes in video productions and marketing communications for companies in the retail, business, biotech and high-tech sectors. Oron Productions has been around for […]

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  • business meeting on the street

    source wise

    business development, Consulting, marketing

    Who is Source Wise? Source Wise – specializes in the design, implementation, integration and caring out of solutions that create financial savings in operating budgets of organizations. During the period […]

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  • signing a contract


    business development, Consulting, marketing, sales

    Who is Alternativi? Alternativi LTD since 1997 has become the largest and the leading advanced driving and riding training group in Israel.Our vision is to Improve the driving culture in Israel and […]

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  • phone sales


    Consulting, sales

    Who id ha dekel? HA DEKEL – is a Growing and marketing palm trees and fruit company “Dekel” is the leading company in Israel that has been active in the […]

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  • pen and a chart

    Yakum – convention complex

    marketing, sales

    Who is Yakum? Yakum – a conference company that owns a convention complex in central Israel. it has a big 300 sits auditorium, 2 play grounds, 3 class rooms and many […]

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  • sales consulting team


    Finance, sales

    Who is Hamovil ? The company was founded in 2001, and has since served hundreds of customers, both small and large. Our company has licenses from the Ministry of Transportation. Our […]

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  • cyber business company

    codeblack 7

    Consulting, Finance, marketing, sales

    who is CodeBlack7 After 20 years in the service of special units and various intelligence organizations, we decided in 2012 to establish Code # Black7 in order to bring the […]

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